Entravision APAC + Smadex SEA Showcase

We recently organized an extraordinary event, Mobile Masterminds Singapore, that brought Entravision APAC and Smadex SEA together to demonstrate our unified presence and thought leadership in the industry. Our primary objectives were to drive better performance by leveraging insights, highlight the unique offerings of both companies and emphasize why app advertisers should include Smadex in their marketing mix.

Attendee Engagement

We were thrilled to see an impressive level of attendee engagement at the event. Over 90% of the registrants not only attended but also stayed throughout the entire event, demonstrating their genuine interest. It was remarkable to have UA executives with decision-making power and influencers in budget allocation among our attendees.

To keep the energy high, we incorporated engaging icebreaker games, Q&A lucky picks, and a grand lucky draw, fostering interactions and connections among participants. The positive feedback we received from guests about the well-organized content, seamless flow, and impeccable timing made us proud. It was delightful to witness everyone mingling and interacting with one another, fostering a sense of unity. We even provided fun photos as souvenirs, capturing memorable moments.

Keynote Speakers and Presentations

Our keynote speakers truly left a lasting impact on the audience. Phil, with his expertise in the mobile app ad ecosystem, shed light on how we can challenge the status quo by embracing probabilistic and fingerprinting techniques for precise targeting. He addressed the flaws in last-click attribution and advocated for considering VTA and assisted installs. Phil also showcased our USPs in creative optimization, CTV, and SKAN readiness, highlighting our forward-thinking approach.

Pieter from ENV APAC provided a compelling funnel-down view, giving attendees an in-depth understanding of our offerings in the vibrant SEA market. With pride, he mentioned serving over 1000 clients, demonstrating the trust and success we have achieved in the region.

Jass, representing Smadex, captivated the audience by addressing the pain points faced by today’s advertisers. She highlighted our capabilities in NAD analysis, appographics, and lookalike targeting, piquing the interest of attendees. The case studies of Social Point and a fintech client that Jass shared provided practical insights into the challenges and opportunities in the industry.

Q&A Fun Session

Our Q&A session added an extra layer of excitement. We randomly selected three lucky contestants from business cards and posed five simple questions to them. The participant who answered the most questions correctly, OKX, won a Google NEST. Additionally, Appguru and UOB walked away with consolation prizes in the form of NOKIA ear pods. The session created an interactive and competitive atmosphere, keeping everyone engaged.

Panel Discussions

The panel discussions were an enriching part of the event. We brought together a diverse panel of experts from renowned brands, service providers, agencies, and DSPs. Together, they explored privacy concerns, data utilization, and strategies deployed by app clients when faced with challenges. The discussions helped the audience gain valuable insights into the industry landscape and emerging trends.

Closing Remarks

As Mobile Masterminds Singapore drew to a close, Phil and Pieter delivered heartfelt closing remarks, summarizing the key takeaways and expressing gratitude to our esteemed clients. We concluded the event with an exciting grand draw, where iFun (gaming) Hyemin emerged as the lucky winner, perfectly timed with her upcoming birthday.


The event served as a platform to address pressing industry concerns. It was evident that marketers in the SEA region are acutely aware of privacy issues, particularly surrounding Android traffic and sandboxing. They actively participate in Google workshops to stay updated with the latest