It’s a wrap! Great to be on stage with Simon Bacher, Hrishi Oberoi, and Louis Tanguay on the topic of “Maximizing ROI with a Multi-Channel UA Strategy”!

I’ve shared several insights on utilizing programmatic, particularly a DSP, to run your performance ads for a ROI-driven result. Here are 3 to takeaway and hope they serve useful:

1) Eliminating guess-work and trusting your data to do the work

It is not uncommon at times to come across disappointed marketers who have experienced poor results in their UA efforts.

Either they spent all their test marketing budgets with barely a 1% ROI made, or have been frustrated with all the over-promises, and not seeing any progress after weeks/months of testing.

At #smadex, our focus lies in effectively managing clients’ expectations and ensuring we help them achieve the highest possible success rate.

Before spending the client’s first marketing dollar, one of our key protocols is to carefully ingest and study the NAD (non-attributed data) and suppression lists.

The entire process allows our ML algorithms to learn, understand and predict what would be the best possible strategy to acquire the most cost-efficient mobile user with the highest conversion quality for the advertiser.

In the realm of data, it offers logical insights with a cohesive narrative. With it, we are able to expand more lookalike users, appalikes traffic, deploy strategies to reduce learning curves, and more.

Eventually, all this preliminary work will eliminate marketers with unnecessary disappointments, and time wastage, and, most importantly, make sure your ROI is best optimized right from the start. So, make use of your data.

2) Unified data reporting

Most of today’s UA teams have very lean operations. I remembered talking to an advertiser who uses >30 ad partners for his UA initiatives! And he has only a 4-man team! Wow!

Without a unified way to knit every independent network’s data reports, disconnected siloes of data will only lead to a ball of mess, and marketers will be forced to spend a largely disproportionate amount of time trying to make sense of how to generate a cohesive story out of it.

Gaining unfiltered insights into data at scale is phenomenal and highly effective in helping you achieve your desired ROI.

3) Creative Optimisation

This important piece never gets old but very often gets neglected. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to refresh your creative at least once every 2 weeks.

A simple tweak of colors, placement of the opt-in/out button, subtitles, duration of the video length, etc., could lead to so much difference in the users’ engagement rate. Also, having new creative will prevent ad fatigue, optimizing your ad metrics to a robust rate.

Above all, the presence of a dedicated and supportive ad partner plays one of the most vital roles in achieving success in your performance campaigns.

Maximizing ROI with a Multi-Channel UA Strategy Panel