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Hello 스마덱스! Bringing programmatic app user acquisition to South Korea

Jordi De los pinos
Jordi De los pinos

We have finally announced the opening of our South Korean branch in Seoul.

스마덱스 (Smadex) has been working with several game publishers during 2020, and now we are happy to make it public. Hyungsuk Jo, is leading our office as General Manager.

South Korea is home to some the biggest mobile gaming developers in the world. According to 42Matters, just 1% of the app publishers globally are from South Korea. But in South Korea you can find household names like NCSoft, Netmarble, Nexon, PUBG Corp., to name a few. Companies that have taken the first positions of App Store rankings for years.

It’s amazing to see stats from South Korean publishers. The average downloads per Korean app is almost ten times higher than the global average. This shows the global reach of their apps and the engagement from south korean users.

The average downloads per Korean App is 1.07m+ almost 10X the average downloads per app globally.
Source: 42Matters

We are committed to bring Transparent Performance with our Mobile DSP to advertisers around the world, and we are excited for this announcement!

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