Artificial intelligence has taken the stage and become the center of many conversations, both in the personal and professional field. It seems like every day there’s a new viral video showing how AI accomplishes in a few seconds a task that would have taken hours or days for a person to complete.

AI generative tools are being used by professionals from every industry. With more than 25 million daily visitors, brands, content creators, social media marketers, developers and more are turning to platforms like ChatGPT for information and ideas to help them save time and work more efficiently.

It’s inevitable to start wondering how far will AI go and how it will affect human connections and the way we work. Darwin’s words are more relevant than ever to describe the situation: “only the ones most adaptable to change will survive”.

How will AI change the way we work and what can we do to adapt?

Early March 2023 we had the opportunity to gather an exceptional group of mobile app marketers during our first Mobile Masterminds Andorra Summit by Smadex event to discuss industry trends, challenges and potential courses of action to successfully face this context of constant change and evolution.

We arranged three Breakout Sessions in which groups gathered to discuss the three topics that are top of mind for marketers these days. During the “Creatives to Fuel Growth” session we covered the impact of artificial intelligence in the production of high-quality, effective creatives that boost campaigns performance. 

Misha Syrotiuk, Director of Marketing Creatives at Huuuge Games took charge and led the discussion and stated that:

“Although AI is not yet capable of performing all creative processes, such as building, optimizing, and iterating, it is widely recognized as a powerful and fast tool for finding inspiration and identifying the right elements to enhance creatives. Some individuals are also open to trying platforms such as BlackBox or Midjourney, which they have tested in the past and seen improvements in their creative performance”.

AI, welcome to the app marketing journey

When we see what platforms like ChatGPT; or Copilot by Microsoft are capable of doing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But rather than fearing they’ll replace the daily tasks of any app marketer, data analyst, or UX designer we should analyze it as an opportunity and include technology in our day to day as a tool to be more efficient and achieve our goals faster.

Even though there still are many concerns about the risks AI tools present such as copyright infringement, inaccuracies or plagiarism, there are also pros to adopting it. The way we see it is this – there are two options in this survival race: adapt and adopt artificial intelligence including it in our daily work methodology, with a balance between using and staying human; or be reluctant, refusing to change, watching from a distance how others leverage this powerful tool, and take the risk of disappearing in the ecosystem.