Flexible Mapping: Smadex’s New Solution for Campaign Optimization

Flexible Mapping: Smadex’s New Solution for Campaign Optimization

Gerard Colomer

With the latest changes introduced by SKAdNetwork, Apple has modified the way measurement and attribution work on iOS. With less data to work with, there’s an increasing need for transparency. At Smadex, we built the solution to excel in this context: our new Flexible Mapping tool. 

SKAdNetwork has put in motion a new mobile programmatic framework marked by data receipt delays, loss of user-level data, and reduced visibility of post-install events. In short, the information provided is limited, and not all the signals provided are useful for campaign optimization.

Data points received before SKAdNetwork implementation vs current data available
Data available pre and post full implementation of SKAdNetwork

If probabilistic attribution is not allowed by Apple, SKAd will be the only source of information to track installs from users that don’t opt-in. In fact, it’s already the case for some MMPs.

Do you need to know which creative, exchange, or creative type is performing better? Well, one thing is for sure: SKAdNetwork will not provide this information by default. Given this situation, we’ve built this new tool that allows you to define which fields you map to the campaign_ID to get the insights you need for optimizing your campaign.

Smadex’s Flexible Mapping

Smadex’s Flexible Mapping is the superpower advertisers have been waiting for. With this new tool, advertisers are able to organize the 100 fields for campaign_IDs available on SKAd to map creatives, connection type, ad size… or any other variable most relevant for their campaigns. 

SKAd: Variables available for Optimization on Smadex Flexible Mapping
Variables available on Flexible Mapping

With Smadex Flexible Mapping, advertisers can identify which combinations of variables get the best performance without uniquely identifying the user and complying with Apple privacy rules.

That is to say, “it’s like building your own algorithm based on what you need to know to optimize for SKAd. You can do it yourself, directly from the Smadex platform”, highlights Jordi de los Pinos, CEO at Smadex.

And it gets better. Equally important, our new solution for SKAdNetwork is fully integrated with Smadex current reporting tools. For example, one client ran a small test to understand what exchanges provided them more SKAd installs, and the results showed in the reports immediately.

Flexible Mapping on Smadex Reporting Suite
Reporting – Flexible Mapping On Smadex

Advertisers face the challenge of getting the most information they can out of SKAd while being compliant with apple policies. As a result, Smadex’s Flexible Mapping appears to be the much-awaited answer.

“We are making it easier for each advertiser to choose what variables they want to map for the campaign_ID field. So, if you want to map the ad size, you can. If you want to map the connection type, you can.” 
Jordi de los Pinos, CEO at Smadex

Want to know more about Flexible Mapping and how to implement it for your campaigns? Get in touch with our team.


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