inventory forecasting

Inventory forecasting now available for advertisers

We’re excited to announce the release of our inventory forecasting tool that’s available to advertisers via the Smadex platform. The number one challenge advertisers face with ad tech is knowing what advertising inventory is available via their platform(s) of choice. We’ve developed the ultimate tool that predicts available media via the Smadex platform.

Our inventory forecasting tool is completely automated and easy-to-use. The user interface has time series information and hourly precision, and advertisers can download forecasts to CSV. The dynamic real-time filtering enables advertisers to get precise volume estimates at any combination of dimensions: Exchange, Publisher Name, Bundle ID, TagID, Ad Size, Country, OS, OS version, Connection Type, Carrier, Location precision, Video and MRAID.

Currently, the vast majority of advertisers rely on a process of emails back and forth in order to get some indication media and volumes; and that email process may take days and be incomplete. Giving advertisers real-time access to query available inventory numbers not only improves the planning process but enables advertisers to carry WHAT IF analysis and thereby improve planning processes.

The inventory forecasting tool really becomes powerful when advertisers are able to carry out quick queries upon receiving a brief, enabling them to generate fast feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Screenshot showing inventory forecasting

inventory forecasting

To find out more about how Smadex can help you achieve your campaign goals and reach target audiences with video and contact sales[at]smadex[dot]com.

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