Pre-bid for brand safety and viewability

Smadex takes brand safety very seriously: this is reflected in our platform, by giving advertisers full transparency into bid-stream level data via real-time reporting and with our partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS).

We are excited to announce our pre-bid solution using IAS for viewability, brand safety and fraud. Pre-bid is an industry best practice approach that’s now widely accepted. For example, it predicts viewability in real-time before spending on an ad placement. The technology for pre-bid is provided by independent third party vendors like IAS, that make sure an ad is seen or placed in a safe environment.

Benefits of pre-bid

An important point to note is that the benefits of pre-bid are maximised when combined with programmatic; real-time decisioning, transparency of placements, more viewable ads, increased campaign performance, efficiency and effectiveness and overall higher quality campaigns.

Give the current industry concerns about viewabilty, brand safety and fraud, pre-bid provides a level of guarantee about ad placements. Ad spaces are only bid on and served if the ad inventory meets the specific conditions set by the advertisers in the pre-bid filtering.

How does pre-bid work

Advertisers must specify their pre-bid requirements upfront: viewability thresholds up to 70%, brand safety exclusions, suspicious activity levels, contextual targeting and languages. Some of these filters can be combined together such as viewability plus brand safety.

Advertisers can play with the IAS pre-bid solution by clicking on the Audiences > Prebid audiences in the global navigation. Reports are generated and available via the Smadex IAS account and our operations team will be able to send advertisers regular reports on campaign activity.

One of the recognised downsides and trade-offs that advertisers need to make when considering using pre-bid is the impact on campaign delivery. This trade-off can be managed by changing thresholds such as viewability levels. Another point to note is that there are limitations with pre-bid and in-app advertising; the in-app versus mobile web pre-bid options are visible in the platform and advertisers.

Screenshot of the pre-bid interface in the Smadex platform



For more information about running your campaigns using pre-bid contact sales[at]smadex[dot]com.

Smadex integrates IAS for brand safety and viewability

The message is clear given the vast amount of noise in the industry about the topic; marketers now expect ad tech players to work with independent third party reporting platforms. This goes beyond counting impressions and clicks, it now stretches into ad quality for all ad formats and brand safety. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS) for post-bid and pre-bid solutions that address viewability and brand safety.

We receive regular daily reports on the previous day’s performance for the post-bid solution; we take an IAS pixel from the agency and add this to the ad tag. For video, the ad tag must be VPAID compliant and can only run on mobile sites and ad exchanges that support VPAID. Smadex use the daily reports to optimise the campaigns towards viewability, brand safety and other metrics.

For the pre-bid solution, we only bid on impressions that meet the pre-defined brand safety thresholds and pre-bid targeting for viewability. In addition, we utilise IAS’ technology to block suspicious activity and fraudulent impressions. The pre-bid solution will use Smadex’s IAS account to give us granular insights for optimisation purposes.

This provides advertisers with a level of trust; that ads can be verified as viewable, landing on brand safe media that is fraud free. Furthermore, working with an independent third party platform like IAS will allow advertisers to compare all their ad tech providers like-for-like against each other and industry benchmarks. It’s these common metrics that now enable advertisers to set thresholds for all ad tech providers. This helps to provide transparency and create a level playing field around which numbers are being measured and more importantly, how these numbers are being calculated.

Integral dashboard

Integral dashboard

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