There’s still time to make an impact this Holiday Season with MOBILE VIDEO

The TV commercials have started, that means that Holiday Season shopping is now well under way. Halloween marks the turning point and Black Friday is just over one week away on November 25th. However, there are 38 days left until Christmas and there’s still massive opportunity for brands to reach and influence consumers at scale.

There’s an abundance of growing research that points to mobile as a buying tool during the Holiday Season. Below are some highlights from credible sources.

Digiday points to research suggesting that shoppers will take to their mobile browsers and apps to prepare for the Holiday Season.

Adobe study reports that 20% of total holiday season shopping revenue will be generated from smartphones

PWC reports that consumers are turning to mobile devices for shopping and hard to access segments like Gen Z who are heavy mobile users may be best reached via that channel.

How to plan your mobile video campaign in time for the Holiday Season

Video creative: Aside from a campaign brief and budget, all you need in order to run a mobile video campaign at scale is an MP4 file. Our creative lab team will generate ad tags for you and build any companion banner/end card or rich media experience in days.

Reach and scale: We are integrated with the following exchanges for massive video scale: Doubleclick, AOL One Video, AOL One, Rubicon, Pubmatic, Teads, SpotX, MoPub, OMAX and Smart Ad Server.

Premium publishers: Smadex has access to local premium publishers in most global markets and we can create whitelists or direct deals with publishers.

Audiences: Advertisers can add third party data options from Adsquare, Factual, Statiq and Twitter.

Video ad formats: Depending on your campaigns KPIs we will suggest what video ad formats will best contribute to achieving your campaign goals: in-stream (pre-roll) or out-stream (native, interstitial, rich media, vertical and reward).

To plan and buy your mobile video campaign contact Smadex[at]sales[dot]com.

We’ve updated our DMP for video audience targeting

We’ve updated our DMP and we will be giving some advertisers access to a beta version. This gives advertisers a powerful tool for managing campaign data, custom segments and third parties, accessible via the Smadex platform.

The DMP gives advertisers a single dashboard view across first, second and third party data in a one place that lets them manage all aspects of their audience targeting via an easy to use user interface.

The DMP will enable advertisers to create segments based on live campaign interactions and build those groups in real-time; for example, an advertiser would be able target users that watched an entire video ad with special offers using another ad format.

Advertisers will also be able bring their own data into play and upload this information directly, securely and encrypted into the DMP for use with any campaign.

All custom segments and advertiser data will only be viewable and accessible by the advertiser account.

With third party data, the DMP will enable advertisers to store all segments in a single location with full descriptions and pricing information and then add those segments into campaign lines.

We will be working on our DMP phase 2 closely with customers.

For more information about the Smadex DMP, and how to get involved with our beta service, contact us.

Announcing support for VPAID tags

We’ve released support for VPAID video tags across multiple ad exchanges. That means that we now support all three video standards: MRAID, VAST and VPAID. Up until recently, VAST was the main video standard adopted by mobile and VPAID by online – now the gap between the two is blurring specifically with mobile web.

Therefore, the key benefit for Smadex is the ability to accept VPAID tags that were originally generated for online and run these across ad exchanges that support VPAID.

There are clear benefits to advertisers for supporting the VPAID standard:


The major independent viewability auditing companies such as Integral Ad Science and Moat only support VPAID for viewability, brand safety and fraud. To be compliant, mobile players need to support VPAID.


VPAID is an enhanced version of VAST and the main feature that it adds is interactivity. This gives advertisers more options for engagement with video creative and measurement. These additional interactions include overlays and more options for end cards.


With additional interactivity naturally follows more measurement options and VPAID enables advertisers to track how well ads are performing across these additional engagement points.

For more information on how to run video campaigns using VPAID across ad exchanges connected with Smadex contact us.

AOL’s One Video integrated for more premium video

We’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated AOL’s One Video, giving advertisers access to more high-quality premium mobile video inventory. Agencies and brands will now be able plan and buy using whitelists and deal IDs on the One Video marketplace via the Smadex platform.

Unlike banner ads, high-quality premium video is a scarcity and our goal as a programmatic video platform is to provide agencies and brands with a single access point to the largest supply of premium high-quality video inventory across all video standards (MRAID, VAST and VPAID) and ad formats (pre-roll, interstitial, vertical, native, rich media and reward).

With full transparency on programmatic buying and reporting, advertisers have control and can tap into direct publisher deals and traffic campaigns across multiple ad exchanges with consolidated reporting and optimization.

For more information on how to buy mobile video campaigns on One Video or other video ad exchanges, contact us.