Announcing support for VPAID tags

We’ve released support for VPAID video tags across multiple ad exchanges. That means that we now support all three video standards: MRAID, VAST and VPAID. Up until recently, VAST was the main video standard adopted by mobile and VPAID by online – now the gap between the two is blurring specifically with mobile web.

Therefore, the key benefit for Smadex is the ability to accept VPAID tags that were originally generated for online and run these across ad exchanges that support VPAID.

There are clear benefits to advertisers for supporting the VPAID standard:


The major independent viewability auditing companies such as Integral Ad Science and Moat only support VPAID for viewability, brand safety and fraud. To be compliant, mobile players need to support VPAID.


VPAID is an enhanced version of VAST and the main feature that it adds is interactivity. This gives advertisers more options for engagement with video creative and measurement. These additional interactions include overlays and more options for end cards.


With additional interactivity naturally follows more measurement options and VPAID enables advertisers to track how well ads are performing across these additional engagement points.

For more information on how to run video campaigns using VPAID across ad exchanges connected with Smadex contact us.

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