Product release: New advanced optimization tool for performance advertisers

We are excited to announce the release of our new optimization tool that gives performance advertisers detailed granular data and a lot more power and control over their campaigns.

Most mobile ad tech platforms do not give advertisers the optimization tools and transparency they need to manage their campaigns. That’s because mobile Ad Networks and Demand-Side Platforms tend to operate a managed service model and that hides everything from advertisers. Advertisers are the mercy of these demand platforms and their ad ops team giving best efforts to optimize campaigns. For power users or advertisers that have user acquisition teams, that simply is not good enough – they need detailed level information to better understand how to scale campaigns and reach acquisition or monetization metrics.

For self-service platforms like Smadex, our challenge is to build awesome features that give performance advertisers that use our self-service platform, access and transparency to detailed granular campaign data and powerful control over campaigns to boost performance.

Our latest release is an optimization module that gives advertisers the most granular level view across all dimensions (including ad exchange, publisher, creative and line) and available metrics (CTR, impressions, clicks, eCPA and more). This is full transparency across all ad exchanges down to publisher for all dimensions and metrics.

This is an extremely powerful tool that enables advertisers to build custom reports on-the-fly using multi-filters to drill-down to publisher level data and to build that detailed view of what’s going on. All custom-reports are actionable and we give advertisers to option to exclude / include [previously excluded ones] at publisher level for every row returned.

The optimization module is already live on the Smadex platform and self-service users will find this option on the reporting page.

Smadex releases video ad formats for branding and performance campaigns

Video is a stronger ad format that drives higher levels of engagement with consumers and works with both branding and performance campaigns. Video is exciting because it can be used to tell a story with audio and visual elements – something that banners have failed to do.

That’s why the mobile advertising ecosystem is talking about mobile video exploding. Mobile video views on Facebook have increased to 8 billion daily views doubling in the last six months, while Snapchat recently announced that they now process over 6 billion daily video views – that’s tripled since May 2015.

These are very big numbers indeed and the key takeaway for the mobile ad industry is that consumers are now comfortable with video content on mobile devices and that should pave the way for agencies and brands to start investing significant advertising dollars in mobile video.

The first wave of mobile ads ten years ago, copied ad formats from the web and agencies just couldn’t get their heads around these ads for many reasons that have been well documented. Video is different – agencies get video and they’ve been working with video across multiple screens for many years. That’s why video should be exciting for everyone in the industry.

Mobile video ad spend is the fastest growing sector in digital marketing and that’s backed up with analysis by eMarketer which forecasts mobile ad spend to be on the same level as online ad spend by 2018.

Smadex video ad formats 

We are now opening up our mobile video ad capabilities to advertisers during November. This means that advertisers will be able to buy mobile video for performance and brand campaigns across all the big mobile ad exchanges that support VAST and MRAID. Smadex mobile video ads will not incur any ad serving costs.

The Smadex Creative Lab team will support the agencies with pulling together proposals and mock ups for creatives. We will support mobile video as a managed service given the technical effort involved with mobile video.

Smadex video will enable advertisers to programmatically buy video enabled mobile inventory across twelve ad exchanges. Video ads are currently supported with MoPub, Doubleclick, Nexage and Liverail, and advertisers will be able to create whitelists across all available ad exchanges. For branding campaigns, there are premium publishers across these exchanges can be selected for specific campaigns.

Agencies will be able to overlay audience data for targeting using Smadex ‘s Data Management Platform or third party data from Statiq and Adsquare.

For more information on mobile video contact sales[at]smadex[dot]com.

Presenting Smadex Creative Labs

A big gap that exists in the mobile ad space is the lack of design resource at agencies and advertisers to build made-for-mobile creatives and/or add more ad formats and sizes for campaigns. We’ve seen it countless times; advertisers take the easy option and re-use web assets and hope for the best – that approach does not deliver results. The industry urgently needs more creative folk with awesome mobile design experience.

Given that industry problem, we’ve decided to hire some super talented digital designers and launch the in-house Smadex Creative Labs team. The team will support sales with rich media and video proposals and production of final creatives for campaigns, in addition to production of addition ad sizes for banner campaigns.

One of the advantages of a marketing platform taking on the design task is that we can use many data points from our platform as insight into what works and doesn’t work and feed this into the creative concepts and final designs.

For example, for performance campaigns, we have masses of data on what ad sizes generally work better and what are the key design elements needed to drive better results.

The Smadex creative lab team is open for business. To find out how you can get proposal built fast for rich media and video contact smadex[at]sales[dot]com.

Interview with Albert Puigbó, ex-intern and now Head of Data Science at Smadex

What attracted you to intern at Smadex?

I’ve always had a passion for technology and numbers; Smadex offered me the opportunity to get involved with one of the hottest technologies at the moment – mobile advertising – and work with vast amounts of data.

The mobile ad space is nascent and there’s an abundant opportunity to discover new things and be part of a team that builds something new in the world for the first time. That sort of thing looks awesome on your CV for the future!

The other thing that attracted me to Smadex was culture – that was an important consideration for me personally. I viewed Smadex as a young, energetic and experienced team that truly valued talented individuals, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Smadex was one of the few companies in Spain that had that cool Silicon Valley start-up feel to it.

My advice to people looking to intern: Try to find a company where you can make an impact from the start; that’s what everyone should look for in an internship.

Why mobile advertising?

Much has been written about the massive opportunity in mobile advertising and becoming a market worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the next few years. To be part of a booming industry that’s only just starting was super exciting. The other reason for choosing mobile advertising was that it’s tightly related to analytics and data science; the option to work for a company that places ads on millions of mobile devices globally daily combined with the experience and exposure to absolutely vast amounts data and what to do with it was something I couldn’t walk away from.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge has been how to balance giving my best and fulfilling expectations with the rapid increase in responsibility.

That’s part of the territory in start-ups – you really have to step up without being told what to to do and be able to adapt and solve challenges on a regular basis. It’s about rolling up your sleeves from day one and get things done. Unfortunately there’s no play-book, so it’s kinda all down to you to find a solution. It’s so much easier to be told what to do; than having to determine that for yourself.

A concrete challenge: When I started at Smadex, mobile advertising was completely new to me so the learning curve was obviously very steep; optimizing campaigns, organizing the team, relationship with clients, optimize supply. The challenge I needed to address was how to improve the process so that new starters could get on board and up to speed as fast as possible.

How has working at Smadex helped you develop your career path?

Smadex has really supported me with career development. Fast growing companies provide the perfect opportunity to keep taking on responsibility as well as experiencing new challenges.

If you come with an attitude of getting stuck in and rolling your sleeves up, then the scope for what you can achieve is endless. Working in a small company means you get exposed to as much shared knowledge as you need and that means that you can learn from projects that colleagues are working on far more easily; from financing a start-up to hiring, account management or data science.

What’s ad tech culture like?

Ad tech culture is results oriented and smart talent is needed because it’s a very complex world. The Smadex platform processes billions of ad requests per day and makes buying decisions in milliseconds – that requires scalable architecture, smart algorithms to name but a few.

Because there are so many different moving parts, you have to work together across the functional areas in order to align on client or product requirements; that’s why excellent communication and interpersonal skills are so important.

What does a typically day look like?

We start every day with a short daily meeting to update on any issues or red flags that may exist. We also review results from the previous day to make sure that activity went according to plan. Once we have an idea of what’s gone on then we divide work and across the team. Each day is different from an operational perspective.

I also spend time on data science and that involves more strategic work in developing the next set of algorithms or reviewing test data from offline processing models.

The advantage of working in Barcelona is the great weather and the number of sunny days that we get. The team often has lunch out on the Smadex terrace and that gives us some time to disconnect and socialise.